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Upcoming Switch Workshops

Chris Spiek // 08.26.13

If you’re looking to make it to a Switch Workshop this year, you’ve got some great options coming up!

  • Friday, September 27th at 37Signals in Chicago – Registration & Details
  • Wednesday, October 30th at Business of Software in Boston (this is a half-day, condensed version of the workshop): Register
  • Thursday, November 7th at MailChimp HQ in Atlanta: Register

  • Mike Megerian

    Are you developing a product or service and interested in understanding how to best take it to market?

    Are you in Sales or Marketing an interested in understanding how to get Customers to purchase your product or service?

    Do yourself a favor and attend an upcoming JTBD Switch Workshop.

    I attended a recent Switch Workshop at 37 Signals in Chicago, and walked away with an entirely new understanding. #mymindwasblown

    Customers do not just buy products or services – they switch from something else. And Customers do not just leave a product or services – they switch to something else.

    You will learn a unique methodology to “interview” Customers to gain valuable insight into the the causes driving the Customer to purchase, and the “job” they are looking for your product/service to do for them.

    Bob and Chris are JTBD MASTERS and present their framework in a way that enables their Students to think differently and instantly put JTBD to work.