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Alan Klement on Designing Around Jobs-to-be-Done

Chris Spiek // 02.18.14

meetup-logoHow do you go about designing product features around Jobs-to-be-Done?

This week on Jobs-to-be-Done Radio we’re joined by Alan Klement who talks about how he came up with his version of the job story, and shares some great examples of how he has used it with design and engineering teams to design around jobs-to-be-done.
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Streema Co-Founder Martin Siniawski on JTBD Radio

Chris Spiek // 01.17.14


This week we continue to explore how Jobs-to-be-Done and the Lean Startup movement are intertwined. We’re joined by Martin Siniawski, the co-founder of Streema as well as one of our beloved jobs-to-be-done experts, Amrita Chandra from Shape and Sound.

Martin talks about the struggles he is encountering as he works to improve the web and mobile experiences for Streema users.  “It’s a big problem.”

He dives into his efforts to prioritize features by looking through the lens of Jobs-to-be-Done: “The solution space is infinite.  There are so many possible solutions and things that we could try out, and we needed some way to make sense of it all and start prioritizing them and generating hypothesis.” >>Read More

Are we talking but not making progress?

Bob Moesta // 01.14.14

Every day, all over the world, people spend time doing things that don’t result in any progress for anyone. It seems like people spend a lot of time trying to fix what they thought was clear. At least that’s how it looks to us.
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Dave and Brenna from MeetUp on JTBD Radio

Chris Spiek // 12.09.13


During this episode Dave and Brenna talk about how Jobs-to-be-Done is being used at MeetUp alongside their well-established usability testing practice.  They even share some of the Jobs-to-be-Done that people hire Meetup to do and the subtle anxieties that go along with joining a Meetup group and attending a Meetup!

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Jobs-to-be-Done Interview: Buying a Smartphone

Chris Spiek // 11.05.13

girl-question-524Jobs-to-be-Done Radio is back this week with another sample interview for you to listen to and learn from.  Tune in to hear us unpack how Becky from Red-Gate software came to decide that it was time to ditch her feature-phone and buy a smartphone.

This interview was conducted at the Switch Workshop that was held in Cambridge, UK in July of 2013, but it was such a good story that we  couldn’t keep it to ourselves (thanks, Becky, for agreeing to let us share it!).
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The Iceberg of Jobs-to-be-Done

Eric Portelance // 11.04.13

This article originally appeared on the Teehan+Lax blog, and has been republished here with permission.
When you’re starting to design a new product, or redesigning an existing one, the most important thing you can do is validate that the problem you are trying to solve is meaningful, important, and shared by a large enough group of people that a solution is likely to succeed in the market.
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Forces Friday: Habit of the Present

Chris Spiek // 09.20.13

habit_smOur Forces Friday series concludes this week with an in-depth discussion of the Habit of the Present: Why would a consumer have to break a habit in order to buy a Roomba vacuum cleaner?

Chris, Bob, and Ervin discuss the force using the iPhone and Android and the Roomba as examples.

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Upcoming Switch Workshops

Chris Spiek // 08.26.13

If you’re looking to make it to a Switch Workshop this year, you’ve got some great options coming up!

  • Friday, September 27th at 37Signals in Chicago – Registration & Details
  • Wednesday, October 30th at Business of Software in Boston (this is a half-day, condensed version of the workshop): Register
  • Thursday, November 7th at MailChimp HQ in Atlanta: Register