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Finding the Jobs and Shaping the Work

Bob Moesta // 08.07.19

Bob Moesta and Ryan Singer talk about their upcoming workshop in Detroit, August 28-29, 2019.

  • Supply-side vs demand-side innovation
  • Getting work done versus never-ending projects
  • Ryan’s new book Shape Up
  • How jobs on the demand side and shaping on the supply side go together
  • Why they’re doing a workshop together now
  • Imagined versus discovered tasks and handling unknowns
  • Who the workshop is for
  • Day one: From supply-side to demand-side, the jobs process, recruiting, interviewing, analyzing and detailing jobs, and prototyping what to do
  • Day two: Designing at the right level of abstraction with breadboards and fat market sketches, setting appetites instead of estimates, making deliberate bets, reserving capacity for unknowns and sequencing the work to reduce risk

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