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Getting Started With JTBD Interviews

Alan Klement // 05.09.14

Getting Started With JTBD Interviews
David Wu & Alan Klement

At the New York Jobs To Be Done Meetup, we love to learn, practice and discuss how to get the most out of Jobs-to-be-Done interviews. However, one thing we did notice was how intimidating your first few interviews can be. There are lots of reasons for this: perhaps you’ve not sure how to start the interview, what questions to ask or maybe even who you should be interviewing.

To help JTBD practitioners get interviews started, keep them going and make sure they stay focused, we created a sample script and overview of the core concepts to keep in mind when conducting interviews. We presented this script and key points at the April New York Jobs To Be Done Meetup and it was a great success. We’re sure it can help all JTBD practitioners as well.

Here they are:

Jobs To Be Done Interview Script is a quick, focused reference to help you remember how to make an interviewee more comfortable, which events to look for and specific questions to find those events

For a bit more explanation of the challenges you may face when conducting interviews and how these specific questions can be used to navigate them, read A Script To Kickstart Your Jobs To Be Done Interviews

  • Rammohan

    Thanks for sharing David

    • Dave Wu

      Our pleasure. This was really useful in relieving anxiety at the NY JTBD Meetup. Hopefully you’ll find it useful too!

  • Gokul

    Hi Dave, I’ve been researching the JTBD framework for a while now. I was hoping you could explain what techniques you would employ for this assuming a B2C service offering.

    Would it be the conventional consumer engagement techniques such as surveys, shadowing consumers in their environs etc? Would be great if you could let me know.

  • Davide Mion

    Hi Dave really interesting the approach, but It seems to me more related to B2C than B2B; what about B2B then ?