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Marketing Intercom with Jobs-to-be-Done | Matt Hodges on Jobs-to-be-Done Radio

Chris Spiek // 03.31.15


This week Matt Hodges, Intercom’s head of marketing, joins us to talk about integrating Intercom’s marketing efforts around Jobs-to-be-Done.

Matt talks us through his experience of uncovering the jobs that Intercom is hired to do, and applying the learning to things like SEO, landing page design, and website architecture.

He takes us into the details of putting together landing pages and product tours that were highly focused on the job (as opposed to a vertical, persona, or customer segment), and gives us some insight into how he uses jobs and personas for different marketing activities.

Show Notes

Jobs-to-be-Done Radio

  • Aidan Lawlor

    Really great chat guys. Can I ask you a question relating to content creation for an Enterprise SaaS product. Once you have defined the JTBD; how can your content reach the C-Suite execs that ultimately will make the purchasing decision? Thx a mil.

    • chriscbs

      Hi Aidan – great question.

      The details of what the message should be and where it could be presented should be buried in the switching stories of the people that you interviewed:

      – When did they find themselves thinking about the problem?
      – How did they describe the problem early on in the process (did they know our lingo/industry terms, or did they have their own language that we might be able to use in our message)? This language might sound simplistic or unpolished, but it will resonate with the shopper and it should guild how we craft our message.
      – Where did they first turn for a possible solution, and how can we position ourselves now that we know that? (colleagues, google search, professional orgs)

      When Bob tells the home building JTBD story, he always references the obituaries because it’s what people would be reading when they saw that someone they knew had passed away, and had the thought “we need to downsize.” You’re looking for your own version of that. When are they focused on their struggle and how can we be in front of them.

      Let me know if this clears things up or if you want me to clarify/expand on anything.