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Email to Potential Interview Participants

Once you have chosen your interview list send this email to invite them to an interview

Subject: Let’s talk about [PRODUCT CATEGORY]!
Thank you so much for completing the [PRODUCT] survey. Your responses gave us a great high-level understanding of how you shop for [PRODUCT CATEGORY].
The reason I’m emailing you today is to ask if you are still interested in participating in the next level of our research. We’ll need about an hour on the phone with you to talk about your shopping experiences in a little more detail.
I know your time is valuable, and I’d never ask you to do this for free. If you choose to participate, I’ll mail you a [INCENTIVE OF YOUR CHOICE] (we’d really love your input!).

The phone call will just be an incredibly laid-back conversation and we expect a lot of fun. There are no right or wrong answers, and you definitely don’t need to prepare anything. I don’t care about exact dates, dollar amounts, etc, but I probably will ask you to remember some details about shopping for and enjoying [PRODUCT CATEGORY], to understand what you really value about the [PRODUCT].
If you’d be willing to talk, use this link to find a time and schedule a call. The link will show you what times are open, and will add the call to both of our calendars when you select it. https://www.[YOUR TIMETRADE LINK].com
Once again, thanks for your help up to this point, and I hope to talk to you soon!