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Jason Fried on Jobs-to-be-Done Radio

Chris Spiek // 10.25.12

*This post has been updated to an article format.  See the update here at: Jason Fried on using JTBD at Basecamp   This week Jason Fried, the founder of 37signals and author of Rework, joins us on Jobs-to-be-Done Radio to discuss …

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Switch Workshop Recap with Nick Owsley

Bob Moesta // 10.10.12

  This week we’ll give you a glimpse into what went on at the Switch Workshop that was held at the 37signals office in Chicago on October 1st. We’re joined by Nick Owsley, the co-founder of PromoSimple, who shares his thoughts …

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Teaching How to Think vs Teaching What to Think

Bob Moesta // 10.03.12

This week we continue to share audio of a recent trip to Boston to visit Clayton Christensen. Clay shares the story of when Andy Groves of Intel asked him to explain how disruption would affect his company.  He reinforces for us …

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Clay Christensen on Jobs-to-be-Done & OpenTable

Chris Spiek // 09.30.12

This week Bob and Chris are honored to be joined by Clayton Christensen  on Jobs-to-be-Done Radio.  Clay discusses why he thinks the JTBD framework is so important and talks through how it is used to understand causality and what drives consumer …

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Jobs in 140 Characters or Less

Chris Spiek // 07.27.12

  This week presented a great opportunity to bring some special guests to the Jobs-to-be-Done Radio Show. Bob and Chris are joined by John Palmer, who worked with Bob in the early 90s to create the Jobs-to-be-Done Framework, as well …

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Financial Services Through the Lens of Jobs-to-be-Done

Chris Spiek // 05.25.12

  This week’s show features guest Stephen Mohan, Managing Director of Operational Services of Cofunds.  Stephen joins us to talk about financial services through the lens of Jobs-to-be-Done. We contrast how the financial planner’s view of the competitive set (retirement …

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Engagement in the Shopping Process

Chris Spiek // 05.12.12

This week’s show starts out with a discussion around the swell of recent media that the Jobs-to-be-Done framework has received.  We discuss the recent jobs-to-be-done Forbes article, as well as Clay’s guest appearance on the Critical Path radio show. We …

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Jobs to be Done in the Education Industry

Chris Spiek // 02.29.12

Is education really a “job” if the student is forced or prompted to consume it in the way that we’ve designed it?    There are a lot of great start-ups in the education space that are attempting to answer this …

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Unpacking the Progress Making Forces Diagram

Chris Spiek // 02.23.12

This week we talk through one of the tools that we use as we try to find Jobs-To-Be-Done:  The Progress Making Forces Diagram. This diagram is used to understand the forces that are at play when a consumer seeks to …

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