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It’s just a contact button. . . or is it?

Ervin Fowlkes // 03.04.14

If you listened to the episode of Jobs-to-be-Done Radio where we had Des Traynor on with us, you heard Bob mention the “discussion” he had with me over the contact button.

Let me set the scene. . .

I had just started working with Re-Wired full-on and one of my first tasks was to get the site ready for the Business of Software conference where we were speaking. Our previous site was a little outdated and didn’t have an easy way for people to contact us.

It wasn’t going to be a complete design project, we wanted to get a clean look up and running while we worked on the larger project over the next year.

So I had the design coded and I decided to give him a glimpse of what I had so far.

What happened next was. . . well . . .


Here’s the audio from the conversation. I should have known I was in trouble when Bob says “let me get my recorder…”

The Net Result:
I have to go back to the design team and we are tasked to think through the site from a Jobs Perspective.

When I was solely in the dev world we were all about deliver fast. We had timelines and customers that wanted everything yesterday. I am curious, how many of you in the design world actually struggle over the small details like a contact button?

Where do conversations like this fit in the Build-Measure-Learn Framework of Lean Startups?
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  • Hermione Crease

    Hahahahaha! Oh, Ervin I feel your pain. And Bob, I wanted to put your monologue on a t-shirt but I couldn’t pick one diamond from the pack.

    More seriously, to answer your query about ‘where might this fit in the Build-measure-learn cycle’, this feels like it might be a conversation about a local optima, rather than a global optima. Dan Siroker talked about this in his Business of Software talk – we really should get that posted soon, sounds like it’s needed 😉

  • appliedill

    Fuck, “Drop us a line” is not how people talk. C’mon, that line has been overused since DHH got famous. I see it everywhere, it makes me vomit in your (the universal you) stupid contact forms. I’d rather see everything else.

    Bob sounds very proud when he’s screaming, enjoying his role more so than its authenticity would assure.

    • ErvinF

      So appliedill do you think the basic “Contact us” was better or a lateral move or worse?