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Uncovering the Wine Jobs-to-be-Done

Ervin Fowlkes // 04.03.13

Help us discover the Jobs that wine is hired to do. We’re going to apply the Jobs-to-be-Done Framework in a whole new way, and you can join us regardless of your experience with Jobs-to-be-Done. Instead of doing this research for …

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Who Cares What Patients Read in Waiting Rooms?

Chris Spiek // 03.22.13

This video is a great opportunity to see Clay speak about Jobs-to-be-Done, and the magazine/smartphone example that was given by David Skok was an effective and easy-to-understand story.  But after hearing the example, I couldn’t help but think, “who cares …

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Photos from The First Switch Workshop | October 2012

Chris Spiek // 10.04.12

Customers don’t just buy a product — they switch from something else. And customers don’t just leave a product — they switch to something else. It’s in these switching moments that the deepest customer insights can be found. On October …

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Did Flickr Really Miss the Instagram Opportunity?

Chris Spiek // 12.30.10

In the evening on Christmas Day, Kellan Elliott-McCrea put together an interesting response to the question: “Why did Flickr miss out on the mobile opportunity Instagram is winning?” leveraging insights from Clay Christensen’s Innovator’s Dilemma. 

Kellan, who was a software …

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