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Alan Klement on Designing Around Jobs-to-be-Done

Chris Spiek // 02.18.14

How do you go about designing product features around Jobs-to-be-Done? This week on Jobs-to-be-Done Radio we’re joined by Alan Klement who talks about how he came up with his version of the job story, and shares some great examples of …

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Streema Co-Founder Martin Siniawski on JTBD Radio

Chris Spiek // 01.17.14

This week we continue to explore how Jobs-to-be-Done and the Lean Startup movement are intertwined. We’re joined by Martin Siniawski, the co-founder of Streema as well as one of our beloved jobs-to-be-done experts, Amrita Chandra from Shape and Sound. Martin talks …

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Dave and Brenna from MeetUp on JTBD Radio

Chris Spiek // 12.09.13

During this episode Dave and Brenna talk about how Jobs-to-be-Done is being used at MeetUp alongside their well-established usability testing practice.  They even share some of the Jobs-to-be-Done that people hire Meetup to do and the subtle anxieties that go …

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Jobs-to-be-Done Interview: Buying a Smartphone

Chris Spiek // 11.05.13

Jobs-to-be-Done Radio is back this week with another sample interview for you to listen to and learn from.  Tune in to hear us unpack how Becky from Red-Gate software came to decide that it was time to ditch her feature-phone and …

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Forces Friday: Habit of the Present

Chris Spiek // 09.20.13

Our Forces Friday series concludes this week with an in-depth discussion of the Habit of the Present: Why would a consumer have to break a habit in order to buy a Roomba vacuum cleaner? Chris, Bob, and Ervin discuss the force using …

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Forces Friday: Pull and Anxiety

Chris Spiek // 06.17.13

We’re back this week with another installment of our Forces Fridays series! In this episode we take a deep-dive into the Pull of the New Solution and Anxiety aspects of the Forces of Progress Diagram to further explain what causes …

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Disrupting Photography with Jobs-to-be-Done

Chris Spiek // 06.03.13

In this episode Chris and Bob spend some time with Erika Dufour and Jason Fried discussing how to apply Jobs-to-be-Done insights to Erika’s Snip Snap Go business model. We’re always excited to get a chance to reconnect with those who …

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30 Minutes With Ryan Singer on Jobs-to-be-Done

Chris Spiek // 05.15.13

Ryan Singer from 37signals joins Bob and Chris for this episode of Jobs-to-be-Done Radio! Ryan shares some great stories about how he came to discover Jobs-to-be-Done, and a metaphor that he created to help explain the timeline to people who …

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