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A New Catalog of Jobs to be Done Interviews

Chris Spiek

Every week people ask me how they can get better at interviewing using the Jobs-to-be-Done method and how they can do a better job applying Jobs to be Done to their business.

I’m hoping to develop a new way to answer by building a catalog of interviews that you can watch, study, and use to improve your own technique.

I’m conducting interviews across a wide variety of products, and I’m sharing out the entire process, from recruiting, to pre-interview prep, to my thoughts about the insights coming out of each conversation.

The first in the series is an interview with Roxana about how she decided to book her first stay on Airbnb. You’ll enjoy how openly she shares all aspects of the experience. From the first spark of an idea that she wants to visit Budapest, through the dark alleyway that she endures as she figures out how to access her apartment at midnight for the first time, and the product opportunities that come from the interview.

You can see the rest of the collection of interviews here. I hope they help you learn and apply Jobs to be Done to your product and your business!

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