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Seedling idea to public launch: using JTBD end-to-end to plan, develop, & market a new feature. Part 2

Chris Spiek

This is the second part of a series of episodes where we’ll explore an end-to-end product development effort at Autobooks.

In the first part of this series we discuss how we used Jobs-to-be-Done to arrive at the insight that led to the creation of a new feature inside Autobooks.

Listen to this episode to hear Claire explain the tools that she uses to turn the Jobs insights into compelling copy and content that motivated shoppers to sign up for Autobooks and try the feature.

“People read this email that Claire wrote and they can’t control themselves …”

Use the visuals below to follow along as you listen to the tools that Claire describes.

Voice of the Customer

Defining “content” when optimizing for conversions

Content Planning

Content Checklist

Stages of Awareness + Levels of Intent

A Sample Email

About this Podcast Series

At Autobooks we’re working hard to discover and build solutions for the struggles that small business owners face as they try to get paid, send invoices, and keep track of everything. You’ll follow the team as we discuss:

  1. Framing the project and deciding where to start.
  2. Talking with consumers about why they switched and their satisfaction.
  3. Unpacking the raw Jobs-to-be-Done interviews into an insight and high-level concept of what we might build.
  4. Shaping that concept into a story that we could socialize inside Autobooks and pressure-test with our payments and accounting subject matter experts.
  5. Developing and iterating on the concept.
  6. Shipping the new feature.
  7. Promoting it with effective copy and content.

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