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Impulse Purchase is the Most Useless Term in Product Development

Chris Spiek // 06.23.14

I cringe every time I hear someone on a product team say it.

Their intent is usually to convey that it’s going to be really hard for us to get a detailed understanding of why people buy these types of cheap, low-risk products.

What I hear is that as consumers, we make these kinds of low-risk decisions based on subconscious impulses that are completely impossible to identify, unpack, or understand. >>Read More

How to introduce Jobs To Be Done to your organization: A bottom up approach to spreading the word about JTBD

David Wu // 05.23.14

So you’ve discovered this great framework for thinking about products called Jobs To Be Done. You’ve listened to the milkshake talk by Clay Christensen 20 times. You’ve devoured the content on You’re excited to get started…but.

How do you go about getting your company to start using Jobs To Be Done? What’s the best way to introduce your co-workers to JTBD and convince the higher ups to try it?
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Getting Started With JTBD Interviews

Alan Klement // 05.09.14

Getting Started With JTBD Interviews
David Wu & Alan Klement

At the New York Jobs To Be Done Meetup, we love to learn, practice and discuss how to get the most out of Jobs-to-be-Done interviews. However, one thing we did notice was how intimidating your first few interviews can be. There are lots of reasons for this: perhaps you’ve not sure how to start the interview, what questions to ask or maybe even who you should be interviewing.
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Have Burning Questions? Get Answers This Thursday!

Chris Spiek // 04.14.14

Photo by Duncan Hull

Photo by Duncan Hull

This Thursday, April 17th, at noon eastern time, Chris and Ervin from Re-Wired will be hosting a Live Online Jobs-to-be-Done Q&A Session.

If you’re learning or applying jobs to be done and you have burning questions, this is a great opportunity to get answers quickly.  Submit your questions at any time between now and noon on Thursday.

The session will be hosted by Amrita Chandra of Shape and Sound.  Amrita is a Jobs-to-be-Done veteran and a highly-effective marketing executive and entrepreneur, and  she’ll be sharing some of her experiences with JTBD in addition to hosting the event.

Registration is free but space is limited. Register now!

Better products through chemistry

David Wu // 03.24.14

As a product manager, I’m a big fan of the Jobs To Be Done framework for finding causal reasons why people switch from one product to another.

In the framework, we often talk about the importance of energy. Energy manifests itself as the emotion and motivation customers have to make progress — to make a potential switch to our products. Understanding how energy works, helps to make our products better. >>Read More

Filling in Lean’s Gaps

Alan Klement // 03.18.14

‘Get out of the building!’
‘Talk with customers’!
‘Genchi Genbutsu’

…the above insights, and others like them, are great advice from practitioners of the Lean methodology. They hammer into the entrepreneur’s brain the importance of talking directly with customers before and during product development.

It’s great advice, but there are gaps: How do we go about understanding the customer’s struggle? What are we looking for when we observe customers? When we talk with customers, what do we talk about and what answers are we trying to pull out of them? >>Read More

JTBD at Intercom: Des Traynor on Jobs-to-be-Done Radio

Chris Spiek // 02.27.14

Photo by Sam Howzit

Photo by Sam Howzit

“Imagine if a chef is in a restaurant. He comes up with a new French onion soup, and wants to see if it’s tasty.  In the internet world he would wait four weeks and then email everyone who has ever been at his restaurant with a Survey Monkey link, and say, ‘Hey guys. Did you or did you not have the French onion soup? If you did, can you remember if it was nice?'”

This week Des Traynor, co-founder at Intercom joins us on Jobs-to-be-Done Radio to talk about how Intercom is changing the way we launch and test features on the web, and how Jobs-to-be-Done is playing a role in the work they’re doing. >>Read More